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During an initial consultation and history check, our physiotherapists will seek to discover if there are any interactions the new pains or injuries are having with existing issues. Our goal is to ease the pain and regain strength and functionality; involving a hands-on approach to manual treatment with soft-tissue/muscle releases (specific massage), joint mobilisation and, if required, manipulation.

The philosophy guiding our techniques is grounded in Maitland/Mulligan physiotherapy with influences from osteopathy-based manual therapy (eg Muscle Energy Technique).

Our approach to exercise is broken into various stages and options:

  • Low grade core or stabilising muscle retraining/postural retraining
  • Ultrasound visualisation of pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles to ensure correct activation and objective improvement (eg low back rehab, urinary incontinence rehab)
  • Clinical Pilates sessions with your instructor one-on-one or in small groups of four or less
  • The provision of home exercises that are performed on your own at home or in the gym but reviewed and progressed during your sessions at the clinic
  • Review of your exercises in a gym with an experienced physiotherapist who will liaise where necessary with your personal trainer shoulder existing programmes require modification
  • Hydrotherapy classes with a physiotherapist

Physotherapy services include:

  • Manual Therapy for headaches, back, neck and arm/leg/foot pain
  • Pre and post-operative care
  • Sports injuries
  • Worker’s compensation and motor vehicle injuries
  • Clinical pilates
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Real Time Ultrasound Imaging for retraining core stability or treating urinary incontinence
  • Trigger point dry needling using an acupuncture needle
  • Exercise prescription for the home and gym
  • Taping and bracing
  • Hydrotherapy/pool classes
  • Electrotherapy
  • Dietary supplements.
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